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What kinds of wigs are there?
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How do you take care of wig or hair piece?
How do you re-style a wig or hair piece? 
Which wig is right for you?
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Wig Options:

For millions of people, wigs and hair pieces of one kind or another are an option or even a necessity, for hair loss, fashion, convenience, religious or cultural reasons, transformation, the theatre, or other reasons. Whatever your reason, you should know that today you have many options in a wig or hairpiece.

It is important to know what you are buying and what your options are when you buy a wig.  Please take the time to read these few short pages.  It will help you make an informed decision and increase your enjoyment of your hairpiece. Many wig sites give you little or no information. We want you to be informed and happy.   We offer you this information because customer service and satisfaction are very important to us and we know it is important to you. For your convenience, you can download these pages for off line reading by going to your browser and clicking on "file" and then " save". You can also "print" these or any other pages.

What are your options?
Wig retailers are most willing to sell you a wig, but many can't or won't tell you what the wig is actually made of. Frequently, people will purchase a wig without really knowing what kinds of hair Fibers and caps are used, whether it really fits their head and face shape properly and so on - if it is really best for their particular needs. Most often a wig is sold on the basis of " I - think - it will look good on me." I know, from many years of experience, that this can often turn into an "I think I made a mistake" scenario. This can be especially costly if the company you order from has a no returns policy.

If you plan on purchasing a product from an Internet company, you should make yourself wig savvy and know what is best for your needs. You should be looking to be happy with your purchase the first time.

What should you be looking for?
Originally a wig was made of two parts, a cap and hair strands sewn, glued, or in some other way made to stay on the cap. The cap was just that, a cap or a form fitting hat, made of some material typically fabrics of many kinds. Wigs, although having many advantages, originally had major disadvantages because the "cap" was usually very hot and caused severe cases of dandruff for most wearers. Certainly not a fashion item to wear in the middle of summer nor any other time either! Fortunately things have changed. 

Here is what you need to know before you purchase any wig from any company.

General  Issues

Hair is your most important fashion asset, and many of the companies on our directory are ready to assist you in making a choice that is perfectly natural for you. Looking your best is their business.- and they are dedicated to offering you the finest quality in the world of fashion wigs and hairpieces.

Wearing a wig for the first time is very much like trying anything new. You just didn't know how naturally comfortable and convenient it is until you began to use it. Think of your wigs as being a part of you, as adaptable as your own hair can be. Realize that your wig is not a cover-up, but a fashion accessory with a style all your own. 


Being a part of fashion, color is always directed by prevailing trends as well as personal preferences. Custom European colors are as natural as your own hair. Like human hair, these shades offer highlights that interact with the basic overall color impression, creating the perfect balance as nature intended.

Whatever your natural color, you always see a slightly darker shade at the root area of the new hair growth and lighter tones at the ends. This is exactly the nature of our root colors, which are more like your own hair than ever before.

In selecting your perfect color, we offer these guidelines. First, if you want a perfect match, it is always best to provide a swatch of your own hair to the supplier.

Generally, shades darker than your natural color will pale the face, and shades significantly lighter than your natural color tend to wash out your complexion. Remember, the goal is to achieve natural harmony between your complexion tone, hair color and eye color.

As you age, slightly lighter shades will lift your complexion and brighten your overall appearance. If your hair has a percentage of grey, you may wish to reduce the grey slightly within your color while not totally elimination a hint of grey. Don't these times, over 40 can be fabulous!

Our selection of tones, highlights and root colors gives you beautiful color choices to match your own color, go slightly lighter or dare to wear a dramatically different shade.


Comfort begins with a good fit. Because everyone's head has a shape unique to that person, many wigs are detailed with Velcro tabs that can be easily adjusted to conform to your head. After the first washing, you may find a slight adjustment is needed.

When fitting your wig, do not try to pull it beyond your natural hairline. Many good wigs have a hand-knotted hairline, featuring "new hair" growth that can be lightly teased and lifted with a teasing comb for a completely natural hairline.

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