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This Section is for existing or new wig and hair retail or wholesale businesses who are looking for hair, wig and hair goods manufacturers, Distributors or Wholesalers to purchase supplies for their store, shop, salon or Internet Website None of these suppliers sell retail, send out catalogs or make wholesale pricing available to consumers.  Consunmers; Please visit our Retail Directory and find suppliers listed there who offer price saving of as much as 60% below suggested retail.

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Public  Directory Suppliers
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You can get the supplier data sheets Sample to follow up with all the suppliers. We recommend that you download the free PUBLIC desktop printable Wig & Hair Goods Industry Directory Public Directory from our wholesale site Here (This is not the full directory of over 220+ suppliers but, does include the 9 suppliers your application was sent to . Or, you can view the supplier information below.

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This list of public suppliers is provided by our wholesale Division at www.hairgoodswholesale.com 

Silhouette Hair USA -  Ethnic African Hair Products  (1/46)
Silhouette offers wigs and hair extensions wholesale
Black Hair, Remy Hair, Synthetic Hair, Lace Wigs, Hair Weaves, Draw String, Pony Tail, Front Lace Wig, Full Lace Wig, Remi Hair

1940 S Carboy, Mt. Prospect,  IL 60056  847-364-9920  email
Bus_Hours:       9am 5pm M-F

Hair Again The Magic of Wigs Styling Video  - 60 minutes  (1/37)
The secrets of how to hake your wig look like your hair.  For Caucasian Products
This tape is recommended for wig professionals and individual customers who want to learn to make their wig look like it is their hair. Tip for wig styling professionals: There are Over 220 great wig tips on this video. Many of the basic ones your customers will be able to perform themselves and make their wig product look much like their hair. They will thank you for it. However, there are also some tips included that an individual may well want but would have a hard time performing for herself - such as cutting a wig. That's where this video sells your services. 


Distributor/Wholesaler - Costume wigs

Wigs, Costumes, Hats, All Carnival Products, Sport And Christmas Decorations

AROMA TRADE INDIA (P)LIMITED   India - hair (1/56)
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Manufactures/producers of hairs extension/hair pieces Wigs/toupee etc

CLARY's WIGS USA  Wigs  (1/83)
100% Natural European human hair wigs - curly & wavy styles among banner products. 40+ styles available. All virgin hair, wholesale and retail. Beautiful free catalog available.
Perfect for the upscale gala affair, work place and leisure as well as for all health related needs including Alopecia and chemo patients.
1373 55th Street Brooklyn, NY, 11219  718 854 6552   Email
Bus_Hours: 9am 6pm M-TH 10am-2pm S 9am 12 pm F


JNB Solutions  Ireland  (1/32)
Hair Replacement Accessories

Order Quality Inc.  Canada - Wigs  (1/10)
Wigs, Toupees, Medical Prosthesis, Extensions, Wefts
5450 Cote Des Neiges Suite 200, Montreal, Quebec, h3t1y6

514-581-0403  1-877-676-7337 toll free  email

Shandong Yuanhua International Trading Co., Ltd.  China  (1/20)
Manufacturer/Hair or Parts Suppliers/Trading Co
Hair raw, Hair bulk, Hair extensions, Prebond hair, Hair extension tools, Hair weft, Clip hair, Skin weft, PU strip, Full lace wig, hair piece, Toupee

The European Hair Factory, Inc  Germany (1/19)
Supplier of Hair replacement men's and women's, wigs, Hair extensions,  costume wigs

DU * Retail/wholesale offer
New Line of Wigs Now Available! Special Introductory Offer!
1st Trial wig $29. or Buy 8 get 2 Free! Get paid for referrals
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725 Cool Springs Blvd, Suite 600, Franklin, FL, 37067
Business Hours: 9am to 5pm M-F
615 732-6267 61 522-4619 email


Want more?  There are Over 220 suppliers of over 550 Brands  In the Wig & Hair Goods Industry Directory of Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers

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Janet Simmons
Author and Wig Industry Professional Since 1996

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Wig and Hair Goods Industry Directory of  Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers  

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Yaki Hair
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