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Congratulations! By filling out the wholesale application you just accomplished in a few minutes what could have taken you hours or days on the regular internet - if you could have found the information.

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Your information will be submitted to the 9 Public Suppliers in the Wig & Hair Goods Industry Directory of Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers. There are currently over 220 major suppliers in this directory.  The public suppliers will respond to you in 1-3 business days based on - the choices you made on the application - your qualifications, and - your location, as well as other factors.

Important Please note:  If you don't start receiving information within 2 business days (M-F) you may have a problem with receiving your email.

Check to make sure the information you requested is not going to your spam box or your junk mail box or is not being blocked for some reason. Also, did you give us your correct email address?  If you don't receive anything it's because of one of these reasons. You will also be receiving additional information from us from the following email addresses-
wholesale@aaawigbiz.com  and member-serv@hairgoodswholesale.com

All 9 suppliers in our public directory may or may "not" contact you because of a number of reasons - you may not sell in their area, they already have resellers in your area, they don't feel you qualify as a reseller based on your application, or they don't sell the products you are looking for. We do guarantee you will receive responses and lots of information. 

These public suppliers may be able to provide you with everything you are looking for and you will be able to view a list of these suppliers (so you can follow up with them) shortly, but, please read on for other vital information and to view the supplier page.

Buy the Industry Directory of Wigs and Hair Goods Manufacturers, Wholesalers and SuplliersIf you are already in business or are starting a new business you may want to get your hands on the complete supplier list of over 220 suppliers of over 560 brands on the market as well as over 50 unbranded products and get all of the catalogs and price lists as quickly as possible.   If so, click the following link on our wholesale pages right now... Secret, simple reliable way to get catalogs and wholesale pricing streaming to your door in a few days from 30 to 200 suppliers It will tell you how to do just that and how to make sure you get the information you want. 

You may also want to get hold of specific suppliers of specific brands you want to do business with. Over 645 brand suppliers are listed in the wholesalers' directory on our wholesale brand pages. Click Here

Our Wig & Hair Goods Industry Directory of Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers is located at http://www.hairgoodswholesale.com

For a list of the public wholesale supplies your application was sent to Click Here. 


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