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Seeking understanding? Human Hair used in making hair goods is obtained by the factories from people, (sometimes whole villages of people), who are contracted to grow hair for a certain length of time under "very specific conditions."  The hair, while being grown, must be protected from the elements and pollution by keeping it covered. Under "controlled conditions" the hair is usually of about the same condition and comes from the same group of people.  The hair is then "harvested."

Raw hair, because of these uncontrolled conditions, from other sources, such as people who have grown their hair long and even kept it in perfect condition, is rarely used by wig manufacturers since they do not know if the hair is the best quality nor, if it has been treated correctly and because the asking price is often too high especially in the United States.  To process an individuals hair, say from the United States, can cost as much as processing 25 heads of hair from a control group.

Occasionally wig retailers who manufacture their own brand of wigs may be interested in purchasing your hair.

You can find retailers at 

If the company is purchasing hair they will say so on their main page.

Please do not email these company.  Just visit the retail sites and see which if any buy hair.

If their main page does not say we buy hair - they do not buy it.  

Hair Donations

Locks of Love Thinking about cutting your hair? [Takes human hair donations] Your hair could make a world of difference to a needy child. LOCKS OF LOVE is a non-profit organization that accepts donations of hair to make hairpieces and wigs for children suffering from hair loss as a result of cancer treatments or Alopecia Areata. Presently, hair pieces are often considered "cosmetic" and not covered by medical insurance. 1-888-896-1588  e-mail 

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