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Rhonda Fleming Mann Center for Women with Cancer
Caring,  Concern, Compassion,  Communication and Commitment


May 12, 1993

Donna Gilbert
HAIR Again,. Inc
2601 Long Lane
Flower Mound, Texas 75028

Dear Ms Gilbert,

        I have just had the great pleasure of viewing your video-tape " The Magic of Wigs" Which Rhonda Flemming Mann has given to our center. You have done a remarkable job of demonstrating the ways in which wigs can be shaped to look natural and becoming.  We will place this tape in our patient library, and I'm sure that many of our cancer patients will find it very comforting  and uplifting.

        As you may know, the Rhonda Flemming Mann center was established at UCLA to provide the highest quality psychosocial, emotional and spiritual care for women with cancer. We are particularly fortunate to be the recipients of Mrs. Mann's commitment to easing the burdens and difficulties of those undergoing treatment for cancer. Her love and kindness has set a unique example for all of us; your tape reflects a similar sense of compassion which our patients will appreciate.

        You have done many, many women a great service with producing this tape. On behalf of the center, I want to thank you. If you ever would like to visit the center, please don't hesitate to call. I would be delighted to meet you and show you the ways in which we are aiming to provide the best possible care for women with cancer.


        Sarah Godfrey
        Sarah Godfrey

cc: Rhonda Fleming Mann

200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 424   Los Angeles California

Dear Donna,

I have reviewed your tape "The Magic of Wigs"  and I am happy to say that this is one of the best styling videos  I have seen.  It is certainly what's been needed for quite some time,  as books cannot show the real life action of a professional stylist like yourself. You do absolutely fabulous work with wigs for your clients. (It's no wonder that  you are an Emmy Award stylist to stars like Dolly Parton, Annette Funacello, Kate Smith, Miss America Carolyn Sapp, and the many other stars who were lucky to have you as their stylist.) What struck me most was the amazed delight on the faces of your clients as they watched your magic create beautiful new hair for them.

I know this video will be a smashing success.  It  is much needed  by the thousands of people who purchase wigs through mail order, the Internet or even local salons. Many women and men purchase pre-styled products which need finishing. This tape really helps them put the polishing touches to their new hair in so many ways!  They will now be able to do something with their wigs to make them look very natural, even at the hair line. Two of your tips are especially helpful:  how to make the wig stay on and how to achieve a great fit.

The information you give allows your viewers to learn more and do so much more with their wigs and hairpieces.  Even professional wig and hair stylists said that they had learned new techniques from viewing your tape. No wonder it is being made available in so many salons for staffs and clients. Nothing could be better for those who must wear wigs and those who want them to look natural than a guide on video!

We are delighted that you chose Wizard Marketing to make "The Magic of Wigs" available to the Internet public worldwide.         

The  two other tapes you have in production,  "The Magic or Wigs and Hair Pieces" and the "Magic of Wigs for Men" will be a welcomed addition to this series. I can't wait to see the final cut!

Toni Horvath  Wizard Marketing Internet Services    

I just love this video tape. --Tina

I stopped buying wigs by mail order until I saw this tape. Now I can do the finish styling  myself,  save a lot of money and make my wigs look great and myself feel great too. Thank you!    --Lori 

Wow, I did a better job than my stylist!  I'm really happy with my wigs now.  It's no problem making them look sooo  natural. Thanks Donna.   --Stephanie.

I have to admit Donna,  that I bought your video at my salon with the attitude that it really wouldn't make any difference for me, but it "really"  did.  Now, between trips to the salon for maintenance,  I can do a great job of taking care of it myself, thank you.   I love your video.    --Jacquelyn.

Donna --- I have to tell you that I really had a problem with the 3 wigs I bought from an Internet company and I was ready to just give up. They came in a box and the company wouldn't  do any finishing. (I was really bad at it.) Worse yet they just didn't take returns so I was kind of stuck.  When I received the wigs they looked good but they just didn't feel and look as natural as I wanted. With your video I learned to do the little things that had my friends asking,  "Who is your hair stylist?" I'm sorry,  I didn't tell them it was you and took all the credit. But, you know what, you did teach me to do my wigs this well and next time I will tell them a real professional taught me --- you.      --Donna McDonnials         

Hi Donna. I have now viewed your tape about 10 time and have learned a lot about how to make my hair look natural. Thank you. There are some things on the tape that I didn't think I could ever do with a wig since they looked so involved.  I showed the tape to my stylist who had never seen it and she said Wow, that is exactly what I have been trying to figure out. She was so jazzed that she wants to order several tapes for her salon. Can she get a special discount as a salon stylist?  Anyway, I gave her your website address and she will be ordering very soon. --Patti Nolan