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Hello! --- My name is Donna Gilbert-Mann. I am an Emmy AwardClick Here to find out about Donna Gilbert_mann-Winning hairdresser in the
motion picture industry. For the past 30 years, I've worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, using WIGS to create great hair styles for them. In the movie industry, things have to be just right for those close-up shots. Mistakes are out of the question. Just think about everything I've had to learn and do, to get those stars' WIGS to look great and to win an Emmy! Now, after all that experience I have used my inside knowledge to create the "Hair Again" Video series for Women and for Men.

If you own a wig, you should own this Video.  Wigs and hairpieces don't stay perfect even if you buy them that way. Often they don't even look "natural" on you until you do some basic styling on them. Other times they look good but you find your own hair hanging out from the back. Often, wigs --  if not styled properly -- and if not handled properly -- can look just like a --- WIG. That is probably the last thing you want.

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Now, if you are a women, or a man, using techniques from my videos you can style your new hair the way you want it. I give you Over 220 tips in my 60 minute women's video that will allow you to style your wig the way you want it and just make your new hair look great! I also show you how to buy a great wig at a great price. I even show you how to take the most dreadful looking wigs and make them look great on you. That's the art of wig styling. That is the art I can teach you with HairAgain - The Magic of Wigs Video's for men and women.