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Look of Love Wigs and Hair Pieces
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Women's Wigs,  Men's wigs, Children's, Accessories, mannequins, Clip-ons and pony tails, hairpieces, braids, Integration systems, switches

Look of Love offers wigs, hair pieces, clip in extensions, integration hair pieces, ponies, snap on hair pieces, and more.

Wigs - Each of the hairs are hand crocheted very close together, duplicating how hair grows from the scalp. The result is a wig with incredibly easy styling and manageability.


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With all the cuts and colors available, wigs are now more versatile than ever. They include mono-silk transparent top. For the wearer of these high quality wigs, this means a lighter weight wig, which also allows body heat to pass right through the silk top, offering a lighter and cooler degree of comfort. If you have very thin hair, or no hair, the transparent mono-silk allows your own scalp to show through the base, making it unbelievably natural and comfortable.

Professional Collection Wigs

Synthetic Wigs


Human Hair /synthetic blend

$120 - $250

Braid and switch collection

$10 - $120

Falls - Synthetic and Human Hair

$72 - $225

Fall B Tweenz - pull through units

$80 - $210

Hairpiece collection, wiglets


HoneyComb Collection - pull thru

$48 - $140


$20 - $70



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