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Jacquelyn Collection Wigs Human Hair,  Synthetic, 50/50, integration wigs
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There are hundreds of wig shops around the world that sell Jacquelyn Wigs.

Custom Wigs with European Hair - Wig with European Hair,  European texture hair, HairLife Human Hair Blend, a blend of human hair and synthetics, Advanced Elura Synthetic wigs , Integration hair pieces



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Jacquelyn Wigs, established in 1969, quickly earned a reputation for being the premiere company in the wig industry. Located in New York City, Jacquelyn caters to an international clientele. Available around the globe, our wigs have been featured on television and in major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, Good Housekeeping and Elle. Our wigs have even been worn by a First Lady in the White House!

Jacquelyn delivers the most naturally beautiful hair in the world. Since all our wigs offer many styling options, keep in mind that the photos you see are just moments in time captured by our cameras. All our wigs can be styled into hundreds of different looks.

If you don't see what you need in a wig or hairpiece, we can make it for you, to your exact specifications, in our Custom Department. We make full coverage wigs and partial pieces for any need in any design in any color, with any type of hair.


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