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Hair Magic Hair Enhancers
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Product Information:

Hair Magic®...Full sized cap hair enhancers that work with your own hair.

Revlon Hair Magic Wigs work with your own hair to give you the volume, style, and color you've always wanted... like magic!

There's no need to match your own hair color exactly. Simply choose a shade similar to your own hair color to create tones and highlights, or try an opposite shade for a frosted effect.


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 Ever had a bad hair day? Never again!!!! Over 100 styles of wigs, Falls, ¾ caps, ponytails, pony tail wraps and scrunchies to choose. Change your look now! From Short to long, straight to curly, go blonde, brunette or redhead. From name brands like Hair Magic, Revlon, Adolfo and Beauty Trends. Now get $10 off any purchase of $60 or more, just use coupon code 035310. Click here

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