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Endura-Bond Adhesives, Tape, Remover

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Endura-Bond (EB) is specially formulated to be skin-safe and is one of our strongest glues. It is considered a "hard bond"- allowing for

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extended wear and it is also water resistant. Unlike other adhesives, which may break down when exposed to moisture,




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 The #1 question we receive on adhesives is "what's the best adhesive?" Oh, if it were that simple! There are many different kinds of bonding tapes and adhesives on the market that are made especially for the use with lace wigs. The adhesive that is best for you will depend on your personal preference and level of comfort with the product, your lifestyle and your body's chemistry. People have different results using the same products as people vary, for example, with respect to whether they have oily or sensitive skin. So, what's best for you is going to be different than what's best for another person. As the efficacy of the product varies from person to person it can be a trial and error process in finding the best adhesive for you. Learn More on What You Need to Know About Lace Wig Adhesives.   De Novo Hair  Adhesives, Removers, Solvents, Maintenance & Accessories for Lace Wigs

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 Endura-Bond cures when exposed to sweat, water and humidity. Beginners should take caution, as the hold is so strong- this is not the glue to accommodate for multiple mistakes. All users should USE SPARINGLY! Only use a very thin bead around the perimeter of your lace wig. We recommend applying with a point as thin as a toothpick rather than using the bottle's applicator. Because EB dries very hard, it can be difficult to remove from fragile lace caps. We hear very little to no complaint that EB does not "work". If there is a problem, it is usually attributed to the glue being too strong for the client (e.g., clients who like to remove their units more often) or that it is more difficult to clean off lace bases


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