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Bobbi Boss Ethnic African Wigs, Hair Pierces, Hair
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Product Information:

Bobbi Boss® : has been created on the basis of celebrating African-American Women, en-compassing their characters and cultures through what they desire most to express their identity: the Hair. By the name of “Bobbi”, which can be given to male and fe-male, the possible limitation of being a female has been liberat-ed from the role as a member of a family or a sociological group.

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Toya Wig by Bobbi Boss
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Boss” directly highlights the very essence of African-American Women, where they are highly independent, self-confident, fear-less, and passionate. Therein Bobbi Boss, the revo-lutionary characters of African-American Women are embodied in full spectrum, along with their natural feminine desires to look at their best, beauty and sophi-stication expressed in the hair. Means: Powerful, Ingenious, Cutting Edge, Revolutionary, Experienced, Desirable, Strong, Memorable, Unlimited, Set Apart From the Rest

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