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Retail Sales in the wig and hair goods industry are up.
Are you getting your fair share? 

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is something to smile about!

Why? We receive millions upon millions of page views per year.
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Now you can advertise your business, product or service to the entire world or
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In a recent survey of  3407 people in the Wig and Hair Goods Industry
we found that:

 --- the number 1 priority for wig and hair goods professional, especially in this economy, is to have more people buying from their shop or Internet website.

Does this sound like you?

Only 37% of the respondents used some form of Internet advertising. Of those - 87% said there sales increased.

You may have wondered about, or even use pay-per-click advertising with the Search Engines. You may have heard that it costs hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. Those who use it can tell you. It is a very expensive way to advertise. You also know that  unless you advertise you may be buried under hundreds of other websites where no-one will ever find you. If your a local shop without a website how do you list yourself?  

What is the solution?

The www.AAAWigBiz.com   advertising opportunity may be just what you are looking for.

AAAWigBiz.com is a directory of  wig and hair goods retailers  -  both Internet based and local shops Ė that receives millions of visitors each year looking for suppliers of wigs hair goods.

We are already all over the Internet, the search engines and advertising our customers there. You may have found us on one of the search engines yourself.  

We donít charge a fortune to advertise on our site.  

You choose which pages  you want your listing on and where on the page you want that listing.

You can list with us for as little as $10 per year or get found on our site on most every page for under $150 per year.  

This means that anyone advertising on our pages gets what they need Ė Eyeballs on their listing, customers to their website or door and more sales. As an added benefit a link from our pages raises your popularity on the search engines themselves.   

Consider our directory to advertise your business.  Some of the largest wig and hair goods advertisers on the Internet (including Google) advertise with us and feel we are worth it. We think you will too.

Hundreds or thousands of dollars per month may be hard to swallow but  $10 to $150 per year? Who canít afford that. You would make that up in one little extra sale. Then the rest of the year is all profit.

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