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   Wig Company Guarantees on their Products

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What kind of guarantees do you get on wigs? It all depends on who you are working with. Some give no guarantee at all and some give you a full money back guarantee.

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1. I just bought this wig from ***** ******* (a company on the Internet) and I'm not happy with it. They won't refund or exchange. What can I do?

Guarantees on products are very important when you purchase anywhere -- especially on line. You should always know who you are dealing with and what their guarantee is BEFORE you buy. If you are looking for wigs or anything else on the Internet always look for information on the company and their company policies on their main page. You might also look to see if they are members of some consumer protection service or an Internet type of  BBB organization you can report things like this to.

Most reputable internet companies give you all of the information you need about them before you order. Often there is a "Contact Us"  Button which gives you all of the contact information you need if there is a problem.  Internet retailers often provide a Company Policies button where you can easily find out what return or exchange policies are. Make sure that the company you are purchasing from has what you would consider fair exchange policy. Some, although only a few companies, will neither refund of exchange a product. If you can't find out these two basic items our recommendation to to simply not place you order with them. Another way to tell if the company will work with you to resolve any problems if to check if they are members of a  consumer protection agency such as Public Eye or the Internet BBB.

Now to your specific question. Some companies have either a "no return" or "exchange only if defective" policy. If  the company you bought the wig from has either of  those policies and they made that information available on their pages, you may be stuck with it.  After all, in this case, you were aware or should have been aware of their policy. If this information was not there, I would contact them and ask that they exchange it for you on the basis that you were not made aware of their policies. Also, you might make a report to the consumer service they belong to. Very often this gets an immediate response. But, remember most reputable companies will try to make you happy in some way. Contact them and try to work it out. Possibly they will exchange the product for something you will be happy with.


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