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There are variations on the types of cap styles, machine-made, hand-tied pre-designed, Full lace, lace front, hair integration and full custom. 

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Wig caps are often as important as the wig hair when it comes to proper fit, comfort and wearibility. Your specific needs, the type of hair style, and how long you want it to last, should determine your choice. If you want a long lasting wig,  wefted caps may be your best choice. If you want a part in your hair it is a good idea to get a cap with a natural top. If you have thin or thinning hair and want to incorporate your own hair with the wig choose an integration cap or partial. If you have no hair due to medical or other reasons, a full custom hair piece may be your best choice.
Machmd1.JPG (4704 bytes)Wefted Caps /Capless Wigs

Wefted construction, means that the cap has "wefts" of  hair sewn onto the woven material of the cap.

Most wigs today are machine made wefted wigs and are often called "capless." If you look at the cap on the left you will see that it has open construction woven material rather than being completely closed like you would think of a cap. The top of the cap (as shown in this picture) is closed, of a lacy or other material, or of a much tighter weave.

A weft ( picture on right ) is a long string of hairs doubled over and sewn in closely together in long strands. This weft is then machine sewn, hand sewn or hand tied to the cap.


Machmd.JPG (6571 bytes)The horizontal lines added to the picture on the the left shows the weft material
(without the hair ) attached to the cap. On the back portion of this picture you see the wefts with hair.    

These wigs, depending on the manufacturer, can be cool, light, even ultra light and very long lasting. These cost effective wigs can most often be worn by anyone with some hair and can be secured with tape, medical adhesive and clips by those with less hair.


Like anything else, there are various "qualities" of   these wefted wigs made. Many inexpensive department store and mail order wigs are made in some form of this material but have a short life and a "wiggy" appearance. They may only last through 3 to 6 months continuous wear.  Although not a hard and fast rule, the rule of thumb is,  "the cheaper the wig, the lower the quality of material used."  What you get depends on your needs and the quality you are willing to purchase.

Mid-range wigs offer affordable quality with many good features and last considerably longer than bargain department store brands. We have those available for you.

All of the styles in the many collections that use wefted or "capless" caps have high to very high quality wefting and workmanship designed to last and to give you a good fit. A good wefted human hair wig should give you about 3 to 4 year's wear.

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handtie.JPG (5590 bytes)

Skin Top Monofilament top/front Hand-tied . Another type of cap is a very fine mesh material that comes in several types. It is cool to wear. The hairs are fully hand-tied wigs (which means individual hairs are knotted by hand onto a fine nylon monofilament or polyester net base) are lighter in weight and more comfortable and lifelike than wefted bases.

Micro-Skin top
  --Hair is hand-tied into nylon mesh, and then a coating of very thin latex is applied, creating the effect of a scalp with hair growing out of it. It looks like your own skin and is  called a  "skin top" or "French Top" and gives you a very natural look. Wearer's scalp does not show through. Suitable for all types of hair loss.

Monofilament top  --Fine flesh-colored nylon mesh with hairs individually hand-tied into it. May be parted anywhere on the top. Very suitable for persons with extensive hair loss, as color of scalp may show through. 

Hand-Tied or Handmade top  --Hand made wigs are of a better quality than wefted wigs. They tend to fit better and style more naturally than machine made wigs. Hair is knotted by hand into a double thickness of nylon or polyester mesh, not as fine as the mono mesh, letting the wearer part the hair in any direction, but the base of the wig may show. Part may be created, but must have some backcombing at the base to give the illusion of a part. A good, less-expensive choice if versatility is desired.

These possibilities are certainly appealing to anyone who doesn't want people to tell them they are wearing a nice "wig" - to those who would rather get the comment,  "I love your new hair style."  That, of course, is most any woman or man who chooses the option of a wig or hair piece.

You will probably get about 1 year's wear out of a good hand-tied hair piece, but the wig can be repaired and hair may be added to make it full again.

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integate.JPG (5705 bytes) Hair Integration

The Perfect solution for FINE AND THINNING HAIR. A hair integration blends an individual's hair with an  integration hair system to create fullness, volume and length. It is for individuals with thinning hair or hair loss who want to make most of their natural hair.  An integration is designed with a cabling system that provides durability and security while providing a comfortable fit. The integration system is placed on the head and your own hair is brushed through he openings - combining the hair integration with you natural growing hair and securing it to the head. If added security is desired, clips or tape adhesives can be used.  



Pull through bases integrate well with a woman's own hair. Flexible construction that easily adjusts to frontal and/or crown positions. Comfortable snap-lock comb with cushioned guard protects natural hair as it secures hairpiece.


Partials - ( Add-ons -Wiglets- Falls -Hairpieces -Demi Wiglets- fillers - reversible falls -3/4 wigs   )

No matter what they are called partials are for those who have extreme hair loss in a specific area  from cranial surgery, burns, or any other reason. They are designed in various sizes and are offered in many base materials and colors. High quality and medium partials are available from replacement salons while lower priced Wiglets are found in department stores, mail order catalogs, or some wig sites.   


34cap.jpg (7440 bytes)The diagram on the left  is what is known as a 3/4 wig. A 3/4 wig can also come with a french comb attachment rather than this cap type.



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fullcus.JPG (5840 bytes) In some cases you may want a custom made wig. A  prosthesis that is Full Custom is made from specific measurements taken by a hair professional. Most wig salons do not have the capability of doing this. If you find a salon that has a wigmaker on staff, or a manufacturer that they can send your order to, make sure you are dealing with a reputable company since this takes a lot of trust. Sending a wig to be made overseas can take two months. The majority of custom wigs are made using the hand knotted method so be suspicious of a "custom" wig with weft lines in it. True custom wigs, though expensive, are totally undetectable and comfortable when done by and experienced wigmaker.

As for the custom-fitted question, it would depend on whether you have special needs as far as the size of your head is concerned or a special need such as Alopecia. If your head is unusually small or large, perhaps you would consider having a wig made for you.  If you have Alopecia Totalis it is highly recommended. However, there are stock models which could accommodate almost any size. This would be something you and the company you do business with will need to work closely on.

Go to the Custom Wigs section of the site for a list of  retailers
If you want a quick change to your look,
headbands with hair attachments
can be worn.

turban.JPG (4819 bytes)Headwear 
It's not just a cover up anymore


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